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IG Post $16 

Sông Cái Dry Gin, lemon, Tempus Fugit liqueur de violettes, maraschino liqueur, simple syrup.  Citrus cucumber fresh air infused.

Shiso Pretty $13

Haku Vodka, fresh lemon juice, egg white, simple syrup, Shiso leaves. 

First Kiss $14

Capuro Acholado Pisco, Makgeolli, egg white, fresh lime, simple. 

Ibiza Party $12 (PG)

Vodka, passionfruit and mango syrup, muddled blueberries, sparkling. 

Gardener $12 

Sông Cái Floral Gin, sweet & sour, muddled blueberries, and Thai basil.

Polka Dot Bikini $13 

White cane rum, coconut milk, pineapple, Angostura bitter, lemon.

Tokyo Street Fashioned $15 

Suntory whisky Toki Angustora aromatic bitters, agave simple syrup, yuzu liqueur. 

Make it Big & Smoky with Hibiki Harmony $20

Mexico Street Fashioned $15 

Siete Misterios Mezcal Joven, agave simple syrup, Angustora aromatic & orange bitters.

Make it Más Grande with Siete Misterios Espadin Mexicanito $22

Street Peddler $13 

Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal espadin, agave simple syrup, muddled Thai bird chili, ginger, and lime.

Gin & Tonic $12 (PG)

Sipsmith London dry gin, coriander, black peppercorn, lime, Thai Basil, tonic.

Maldives $13 (PG)

Haku vodka, grapefruit shrub, lychee & pineapple syrup, sweet & sour, sparkling.

Cà Phê Martini $13x

Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal espadin, cane rhum, coconut, cà phê sua dá, shaken.

Auntie's Choice $18+

Seasonal and absolutely fabulous.


PG = can be made with Seedlip and house infused Non-alcohol spirits with same love and passion. 


Asahi Super Dry

Japanese Lager, $7.5

Asahi, Tokyo, Japan. 5.0%, 40 cl

Crisp refreshing & crushable.

Mai Tai

West Coast IPA, $7.5

Alvarado St. Brewery, Salinas, California. 6.5%, 40 cl

Aromas of passion fruit, guava & lychee. Dry finish. 

Hoi Polloi Brewing, Rotating Taps

Enquire, $7.5

Hoi Polloi Brewing, Oakland, California, 40 cl

Always Delicious. 

Fieldwork Brewing, Rotating Tap

Enquire, $7.5

Fieldwork Brewing, Albany, California, 40 cl

Hitachino Nest Red Rice

Red Rice Ale, $11 (Btl)

Kiuchi Brewery, Japan  7.0%, 33 cl  

Complex sake like flavors with malt sweet notes.  Hints of strawberries on the nose and palate.  An intriguing mix of sake, malt, and bitter notes in the finish. 

You Guava Be Kidding Me

Apple Cider, $7.5

Far West Cider Co., Richmond, California. 6.7%, 40 cl

Fresh, tropical, semi-dry cider infused with Brazilian pink guava just before final packaging.

Draft Beers


White Wines ($G / $B)

JP. Chenet, Original

Brut Blanc de Blancs, $9 / $36

JP. Chenet, France NV.

Soft, elegant, dry, clean and fresh.  The Bubbles - active, flirtatious, intense in number but soft bubble on the palate.  Flavors of red apples, citrus fruit, a very clean and bright finish.

Chandon Garden Spritz Tea (Exclusive & Chef's Favorite)

Brut, NA / $75

Chandon, California NV.

The parallels between wine and tea. Cold brewed, Garden Spritz Tea's Earl Grey blend is crafted using Darjeeling, Ceylon, and Assam teas infused with the oil of bergamot. This flavorful mixture of teas is then blended into a traditional dosage liqueur. Then this Earl Grey liqueur is added to our CHANDON Sparkling wine at dosage, after disgorgement, just before a cork seals the bottle.

Vibrant citrus freshness with elegant floral notes. Key flavors include refreshing citrus, complex bergamot, and elegant floral notes. 

VML Blue Label (Exclusive)

Sparkling, NA / $100

VML, Sonoma, California. NV

Clean subtle notes of crème brule, black tea, strawberry, and lemon custard.  The mid-palate acidity will make you sit up in your chair, but balances out quite well with the sweet strawberry fruit, a bit reminiscent of the “Sour Patch Kids” candy I love so much.  The finish is more sweet fruit and soft acidity, a wine that takes its time to finish..

Kruger Rumpf Estate

Riesling, $11 / $47

Kruger Rumpf, Nahe, Germany, 2021

Intense aromas of fresh citrus fruits and wild herbs. The wine's pleasant acidity perfectly complements its lush fruitiness.


Rosé, $18 / $72

Bouchaine Vineyard, Estate, Carneros, Napa Valley, California, 2021

Bouquet of fresh picked strawberry, juicy watermelon and guava, while the palate displays layers of white nectarine, cantaloupe and more melon.

Can Sumoi Xarello*

Xarello, $14 / $56

Can Sumoi, Catalonia, Spain, 2021.

Crunchy, deep and honest wine. On the nose, the fresh white fruit stands out with notes of flowers and Mediterranean grass. In the mouth, it is unctuous and easy to drink with a long and refreshing finish. Organic*


Sauvignon Blanc, $12 / $48

Oberon Wines, Michael Mondavi Family, Napa Valley, California 2021.

The combination of fruit with different ripeness levels brings bright natural acidity along with layered fresh fruit flavors of green apple, tart kiwi, pear and melon.


Dominique Crochet

Sancerre, $16 / $64

La Perrière, Sancerre, France, 2021.  

Well-balanced and fruity on the nose with aromas of white flowers, vineyard peach and acacia. On the palate, this wine is supple and well-structured and develops mineral and white fruit notes.


Chardonnay, $19 / $76

Bouchaine Vineyard, Estate, Carneros, Napa Valley, California, 2019

Lovely aromas of fuji apple, clementines, kaffir lime and jasmine. A rich, yet tangy palate showcases flavors of nectarine, lemon curd and brioche with a long lip-smacking finish.


Chardonnay, NA / $69

Sandhi Wines, Santa Rita Hills, California, 2021

Aromas of Meyer lemon peel and pith with hints of raw ginger, honey, and green apple all under a cloak of crushed white rock.

Ben Haines*

Amber / Orange, $16 / $64

Ben Haines, Amber / Orange Wine, Victoria, Australia, 2021.  

Skin contact white blend. 80% Semillon, 20% Viognier. Unfiltered, minimal sulfites. Earthy green apples, medium finish that lingers with a slight tannic touch. Organic* 

Inniskillin Vidal

Ice Wine, $10* / $69 (*2oz / 350ml)

Inniskillin, Niagara, Canada, NV.

Intense aromas of mango, apricot and honey, beautifully integrated with flavors of peach and candied brown sugar, held together by crisp bold acidity.


Red Wines G / B

Molo 8

Lambrusco, $9 / $36

Mantovano, Lombardy, Italy, NV.  

Intense ruby red. The bouquet is persistent and fragrant with hints of black cherries and wild berries. On the palate, the wine is aromatic, fruity and pleasantly sweet. Served chilled*


Pinot Noir, $13 / $52

Cloudline Cellars, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2020.

Balanced celebration of plum, dark cherry and cola spice that's velvety & textured. 

VML Moon (Exclusive)

Pinot Noir, $18 / $90

VML, Russian River, Sonoma, California, 2018

Aromatics include oyster mushroom, wet earth, baked raspberry, and spice.  The palate is super plush, with candied fruit and strawberry jam cruising on ample tannin.  The finish is more baking spice, strawberry, and rounded acidity. 


Trousseau, $16 / $64

Stolpman Vineyards, Santa Barbara, California, 2022.  

Intense, attractive red fruit and rose petal above a soulful mélange of dark, dense Herbs de Provence, clove, eucalyptus, and tea.  In the mouth, the red profile further develops into a torch of flickering reds -raspberry, currant, and dark cherry – followed by a fine crack of white pepper.


Sangiovese, NA / $59

Piaggia, Tuscany, Italy, 2021.  

On the nose, reminiscent of fruits of the forest jam, sweet spices, thyme and cocoa. Full-bodied. Excellent balance between acids and tannins, with a persistent finish and a pleasant sweet, fresh and fruity follow-through. Organic*

Il Sasso

Super Tuscan, NA / $75

Piaggia, Carmignano, Tuscany, Italy, 2020.  

Marasca cherries jump from the glass with elegant hints of balsamic and spice. The wine is full and enveloping on the palate with a charming elegance. Organic*

Les Cassagnes

Red Blend, $15 / $60

Chateau La Nerthe, Côtes du Rhône, France, 2020.  

Bouquet of ripe fruity notes with little black and red berries. On the palate suppleness of fresh plum and wild herbs aromas. Tannins are polished, making the wine round and approachable.  Created by the Châteauneuf-du-Pape experts.

Altos Las Hormigas*

Malbec, $13 / $52

Altos Las Hormigas, Mendoza, Argentina, 2019.  

A touch of herbs, fresh blood and meat, an iron twist, with complexity and a fine-boned palate with fine tannins and a long, dry finish. Organic*

Chateau Saint-André Corbin*

Bordeaux Blend, $17 / $68

Famille Saby, Bordeaux, France, 2020.  

Expressive, generous black fruit, cocoa, and licorice aromas. On the tongue, concentrated blackberry hints, and elegant tannin. Organic*


Cabernet Sauvignon, $12 / $48

Dusted Valley, Columbia Valley, Washington, 2019.  

Cherry fruit and balancing acid while giving you the rustic complexity of freshly crushed herbs.

La Bernardine

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, NA / $80

M. Chapoutier, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France, 2019.  

On the nose: Complex and subtle, blackcurrant and plum followed by roasted coffee and cinnamon, cherry, morello cherry. Palate: opening into spicy (liquorice) and fruity aromas.

Corkage $20/750ml. 1.5L max

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