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Chef Table:Tasting Menu

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Experience Hosted by Chef Trung

~ 1.5 - 2 hours Table Side

What we'll do:

Our Chef Table experience is a multi-course tasting menu featuring seasonally and locally sourced ingredients.  Our offerings changes frequently and usually consist of 5-7 courses.  


Depending on the party size, our experience will occur either at our Chef Counter with open kitchen view, or at our communal table.  Either way, be prepare to make new friends and get your hands finger licking good! 


A beverage pairing of equal focus and passionately sourced is also available for the adventurous.

We look forward to sharing our experience and host a wonderful time for our guests



Trung Nguyen

Chef / Owner 

*For larger parties our experience is at the communal table.

Sample Menu

Chef Bar: Cuisine
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Amuse bouche

Fresh Oyster, Champagne mignonette pearls, grapefruit granita.

Shrimp Ceviche, shrimp cracker.

Banh Bot Loc, shrimp dumpling, citrus jus, nouc mam pearl, fried shallots, herbs.

Bo La Lot, ground Angus, dry herbs, wrapped in betel leaf, grilled, mam nem.

Eat Your Greens, micro garden veggie salad, fermented soy bean.


Com Chien, skid ink fried pastrami rice, "cured egg"

Pirate's treasure, pearls, custard, ginger simple geyser spring

mam nem = fermented anchovy sauce     |     nouc mam = fish sauce

The gossips...

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April 2022

10/10 recommend spending an evening at Co Nam with Trung and his incredible team. You will be delighted by Trung's specially curated libations and perfectly paired menu. The atmosphere at Co Nam is warm, inviting and fun. I booked this experience for my team at work and everyone had a great time (there were many exclamationa of "this is SO good" and "I am blown away"! We will definitely make going to Co Nam a regular occurence! ☺️


February 2022

The Chef Bar experience was wonderful! The food + cocktail pairings were made with a lot of thought and care, and were all delicious. The staff does a fine job of making you feel like family. At the bar, you can either sit in front of the bartender, the kitchen, or in-between. My girlfriend and I sat in front of the bartender, Sean, and were delightfully entertained as he crafted great cocktails and even better puns. We will definitely come back to Co Nam!


April 2022

The food and drink experience with Trung and his lovely staff was amazing. He would give us background info on every drink prepared and spirits used. The best part was the food. Every food pairing was 100/10. I can't wait to come back and eat at his restaurant.


February 2020

So fun! I gained a new appreciation for high-end mixology. Trung really gave us dedicated attention and passed on his passion for food and drinks. And it’s nice to pay a flat fee and not worry about each round of cocktails costing more money. Pretty good price for what you get.

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